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Road transport and logistics solutions in East Africa is greatly facilitated by services provided by the private sector. National and multi-national corporations depend on transport and logistics solutions for the provision of machineries and consumables that will make their operations run smoothly.

Foreline Transport is an experienced road transport operator for loose and containerized cargo in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Zambia, Burundi and South Sudan.

We are a privately owned company duly incorporated in the Kenya. With humble beginnings in 2016, the company has a vision to grow and become the road cargo transport and logistics solution of choice for companies in East, Central, North and South Africa.

All our drivers and general workers are fully trained and all employees and trucks comply with the safety standards.


The use of Internet of Things has helped us monitor and plan our work efficiently. These vast connected networks has potentially influenced many aspects of our daily driving:

Route Planning

Sensors in our vehicle communicate with GPS services to determine the best route, which is then displayed on a head-up display that physically directs the driver along the route.

Accident Prevention

Sensors alert drivers to the position of other vehicles on the road and prevent collisions. The vehicle can even override driver controls to avoid an accident.


A series of sensors in the seat belt can track the driver’s physiological indicators and determine whether the driver is fatigued or intoxicated. If the driver fails any of the tests performed by the sensors, the vehicle becomes inoperable

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